Thursday, August 21, 2008


There are those who believe this is a photograph of a young Vincent Van Gogh:

And there are those who believe this is a photograph of an older Vincent Van Gogh:

I disagree with the first group. I agree with the second group.  Either way, I don't believe they're the same guy.

Who cares, you ask?

Excellent point.


Alien Truther said...

I definitely think you're right that they're not the same guy - the nose, shape of the head and eyes are different enough that aging wouldn't account for the change.

But that second one sure does look like Van Gogh.

Terpsichore Diotima (lusitana combatente) said...

Sure they're not the same person.


Terpsichore Diotima (lusitana combatente) said...

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The is a little still...

I agree that the first photo is not Vnn Gogh. Defenetly not. I don't know why they even discuss it. You can see the mouth, et.

The second, it is different...

JCD said...

Great minds think alike.

BTW, I could not connect to your new blog URL, but I could connect to the old one.

Terpsichore Diotima (lusitana combatente) said...

Hi JCD! Excuse me, and thanks for telling.

Also not posting with regularity, but now I took the holiday for some posts... in one go... and there was almost no Christmas because of the blog...:)

Planning to do some websites of my own, anyway.

More regards

JCD said...


fotojb said...

Is the second photo being scrutinized? How foolish! Of course it is VVG. The first photograph is his brother Theo in his youth, a little chubby as he is about to lose his baby fat!

Michael Donovan said...

As anyone who has read anything at all in the way of van Gogh can tell you, the top photo is, indeed, van Gogh.

As for the top photo, Vincent was 36 when died - does this man appear to be 36? No. It is not him. Period.

fotojb said...

They are of different men and the 2nd photo is definitely Vincent!

fotojb said...

Here's a good question re Vincent

fotojb said...

Michael, did you ever study Vincent's self portraits? They all to be of an older man, look for yourself and tell your friends.

Best wishes, Joe