Monday, August 22, 2011



Henebry said...

I'm fascinated by your editor's comments. Here as well as on #5 there's this demand that you include the characters' names in the dialogue. Was this just an effort teach your readers' the characters' names, or is this still something you're asked to do today?

JCD said...

Actually, those are my comments to myself, though it looks like I'm referring to newspaper editors' potential reactions at some points.

My actual editor at the time did want me to include the characters' names a lot in the beginning so that readers could get to know them. That became unnecessary after a while.

Currently all I'm asked to do is keep the raw filth to a minimum.

Anonymouse said...

In which case, maximize the cooked filth.

Lance's response to "tomorrow's leaders" is classic.

grapfhics said...

And I'll bet those are last Monday's!

Teresa will be pleased the secret word is "teressed".
I feel much better now.