Sunday, August 7, 2011


In honor of the the 22nd anniversary of The Fusco Brothers, here's one of several comics that I originally drew as daily strips, then converted to a Sunday format when I signed with Universal Press Syndicate, since I had no Sundays in my original proposal.

(I like the fact that the reference to melons was "in question.")


Henebry said...

This is fantastically edgy. I love the Fusco Bros today, but I can't imagine this being published in the strip nowadays.

My favorite moment is the throwaway "Promise?"

JCD said...

Candidly, I agree.

Fusco 1989 beats the shit out of Fusco 2011.

Don't quote me.

retrofuturistic said...

Don't feel too bad about Fusco 1989 being better, boss. For every singer or group in my CD collection, the first two or three records are awesome and, after that, it's a couple of decades of mailing it in. Such is the creative process, I guess.