Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Many, many years ago a friend and I concurred that the TV series Biography had officially run out of famous people when they did a show on Jamie Lee Curtis.

Yet the show went on, and years later I thought they had REALLY run out of worthy subjects when they profiled Scott Baio. And yet, the show continued.

But now, I feel confident that they have officially scraped the bottom of the barrel clean with this episode on some guy from the TV show Jackass. I'm sure the Biography staff members have emptied their desks, vacated the building and moved on to other worthwhile pursuits.

Or, I could be wrong.


john said...

Next on Biography---J.C. Duffy

MSZ said...

The bottom of the barrel, once reached, has an exasperatingly annoying way of extending itself to new lows.

grapfhics said...

I can wait.

Luke Sherwood said...

Yeah ... just shoot me now. PLEASE!

retrofuturistic said...

In all fairness, the biography of Scott Baio was fascinating, what with him having bedded so many drop-dead gorgeous women despite having once and for-always being Chachi. What an amazing life.