Friday, July 14, 2017


      It was for the best that Dorothy and Ben never met. 

     Dottie, as she was known to her former friends, was a red-state Republican and Ben was kinda blue, emotionally. He spent his evenings listening to Miles Davis solos, while Dottie spent hers yelling at Keith Olbermann on the Internet. They wouldn't have hit it off intellectually, though the sex would have been fantastic. But Dottie's "Just Say No" tee shirt pretty much summed up her attitude toward sex: No. And although Ben had heard that word many times, he never quite grew to like it.

     They came close to meeting once in the produce aisle at the supermarket, but while Dottie was shoving a large zucchini into her basket, Ben was busy squeezing honeydew melons to gauge freshness, nothing more, and their eyes never met.

     But it was for the best.

     Ben went on to marry a woman from the wrong side of the tracks, where they settled down together so she could remain close to her family of con artists.

     Dorothy married a lawyer and they had a son, whom they named Rush.

     But it was for the best, I tell you.

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