Sunday, August 7, 2016


A few years ago my cartoonist colleague Mike Lynch wrote a post on his blog about spotting an unpaid use of one of my cartoons.

This kind of thing happens to cartoonists all the time, unfortunately.

Cartoonstock/Jantoo, which licenses this and other cartoons of mine, is usually good at tracking down payments, but in this case they couldn't, as they explained below:

That really takes the biscuit, doesn't it? Sadly our current copyright policing only goes as far as images available on the internet - we do not have the legal reach to pursue other infringers. This was also 3 years ago now which makes it harder to gather hard evidence. If it was current we could have got in contact and ideally got a usage fee out of them.

I'm sorry we can't be of more use here. Our copyright policing is still in its infancy but gradually we are spreading the word that cartoons need to be paid for!

Best wishes

CartoonStock Enforcement

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