Saturday, August 4, 2012



retrofuturistic said...

It's your blog. It's your art. But I generally have appreciated how your strips normally were a politics-free zone. I'm effin' tired of how the mainstream media is cramming the failure that is Barack Obama down our throats. Sad to see you join the cramming crew. But if you were going to be an Obama sycophant, could you at least have been funny about it?

JCD said...

Most of the time, my cartoons and comic strips are indeed politics-free, though once in a while I do something political.
Last week the New Yorker asked its regular contributors for political cartoon submissions, and I obliged. Obviously, they didn't think this particular cartoon was funny either, as they didn't buy it, so it ended up on my blog instead.
I'm not an Obama sycophant, but when I do a political cartoon, my own political leanings may well be obvious. Or not.
I'm hardly the mainstream media, so if I express an opinion I don't worry that I'm cramming it down anybody's throat.

Anonymouse said...

Yo, Retro, I can't possibly imagine how this cartoon involves O'Bama. It points out the fact that Romknee is an idiot, but does not rule out that O'Bama is also an idiot (that would be another cartoon).