Monday, April 23, 2012



oroboros said...

I trust the "desserts" was used to make the joke, but just in case not, check the comments here. Dan Piraro was hazy on this (as was I) and it's an interesting etymology.

JCD said...

I didn't see Dan's take on this expression, but I believe I looked it up when I drew this, and found some hazy justification for my spelling, somewhere. I just read up on it again, and apparently people have reverse-engineeded some new etymologies for it.

But you're right, technically. I may change it. I think it would still work in the cartoon, since a dog wouldn't be expected to know how to spell the word itself, along with not knowing the expression.

retrofuturistic said...

In Hell, language mavens are tormented with commonly misspelled cliches. And Satan holds weekly meetings with said mavens to appraise them of their situation. Because it's Hell.