Friday, March 2, 2012


Well, as they used to say in the newspaper business (remember newspapers?), that's 30.

In this case, it's also literally 30, since that's how many Creature Features exist. That's the number I worked up as a syndication proposal a few years ago, and I don't anticipate adding to that number, barring something extremely unexpected happening, like a spaceship coming down from Neptune looking for comic strips (that's assuming newspapers are thriving on Neptune).


Unknown said...

whoa. holy sm*kes. I just went back and looked at all of those and they're goddamn amazing. (Someone should make them into an april, june, september or november 2012 page-a-day calendar.) You're one of the most underrated people around, JC Duffy. Seriously.

JCD said...

THANKS. I appreciate that.

Ryan A. said...

Aw, quel triste! I knew this day would come. I really enjoyed these.

Anonymouse said...

Wow, time flies when you're alive. It only seems like yesterday that you started these and they are over too soon.