Thursday, December 9, 2010


In yesterday's blog post I showed how I predicted (in a cartoon) interbreeding among polar bears and grizzly bears outside of zoos well before National Geographic reported on it.

This reminded me of the time, many years ago, when I also predicted (in a greeting card) the issuing of an Elvis stamp by the Post Office well before that happened.

My point is that I'm pretty much the Nostradamus of cartoonists.

(Okay, so nude Yahtzee tournaments on the White House lawn never materialized… not yet, anyway.)

(Okay, so I also misspelled "Yahtzee.")


john said...

I'm amazed.
Could you give me tonight's Pick 6 numbers or at least the Cash 5?

retrofuturistic said...

No nude Yahtzee tournament yet on the White House lawn? Obviously your memory of the Clinton Years is different from mine.

ldisme said...

You are a prophet, oftimes the truth is funny.

teresa.frog.applause said...

I'm not convinced. What about all of your embarrassingly inaccurate predictions? How many stabs in the dark before you got this ONE thing right?