Monday, June 7, 2010


My short-lived comic strip MIDDLE-AGED WHITE GUY ended its run on GoComics back in January, and the resulting groundswell of profound indifference has prompted me to rerun the strips here on NIGHT DEPOSITS. No one requested this, but that's only because Posterity can't speak.

Fans of Comique Noir will be disappointed to see that I've added color, while fans of Unbridled Hilarity will be disappointed to see that I haven't added humor. Who says you can't disappoint everybody?

There are 60 strips in the can, so to speak, and I'm going to run them once a week starting today. Mark your calendars and tell your neighbors!


HTTrainer said...

Oh, bother.
Something else to add to my ical

Anonymous said...

I've always been a lukewarm fan of MAWG. I feel quite tepid about his return.

No, really, I dig all your stuff, J.C. You're the tops.