Monday, July 1, 2013


My friend Dan Piraro took a vacation this week from doing his comic panel, Bizarro, and asked me to fill in, and I was happy to oblige. This is the first of my six dailies (no Sunday).

In the original version, the cop's problem was "frequent urination," but King Features got a little squeamish about that, so we changed it to "Restless Leg Syndrome." Not as funny, but I guess it goes down easier when you're reading the morning paper over cornflakes.

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Lorem Ipsum said...

Really? According to a just-conducted unscientific survey, "restless leg syndrome" is, in fact, 23.7% funnier than "frequent urination." Analysts attribute it to the alliterative "s" of the former. Please note, however, that results may not be representative thanks to "Rocky Mountain spotted fever" having been removed from consideration after it was discovered to be a Ben and Jerry's flavor.